COP 3353: Review Checklist of Topics Covered (since Midterm)

This is a list of topics intended as a checklist to help you recall what topics and commands have been covered. To be fully prepared for the final WHICH IS CUMULATIVE, know the topics here, as well as the topics for the first midterm.

Process Management

Shell Commands Covered

Command Description Flag options
You should
be able to
grep Search for patterns within files -i
ignore case
line numbers
display filenames only
ps report on current processes -e
view all processes on the system (-e)
view the "full format" (-f)
all processes except for session leaders (-a)
view the "long format" (-l)
jobs Shows background processes   view the current background processes you are running
fg put a job into foreground   put one of your background processes into the foreground
bg run a job in the background   put one of your current jobs to run in the background
Ctrl-Z suspend the current foreground process   suspend a process without killing it
Ctrl-C kill foreground job   kill, or cancel, the current foreground process
kill kill a running process, through its process ID (PID) number -KILL or -9 send a KILL signal to override and halt processes that can't be killed with normal kill command
sleep a delay for a specified time   cause current process to sleep, or delay, for specified number of seconds
sh Run the Bourne shell   start the Bourne shell (no parameters)
or run a script with sh (one parameter)
bash Run the Bourne Again shell   start the Bourne Again shell (no parameters)
or run a script with bash (one parameter)
csh Run the C shell   start the C shell (no parameters)
or run a script with csh (one parameter)
tcsh Run the Tenex shell   start the Tenex shell (no parameters)
or run a script with tcsh (one parameter)
ksh Run the Korn shell   start the Korn shell (no parameters)
or run a script with ksh (one parameter)

Shell Scripting


Control structures in scripts

Other scripting tools