CIS 5371 - Cryptography - Spring 2018 - List of Lecture Topics

LectureTopicReading assignments
Week 101/09Introduction. The dating problem. Telephone coin-flipping. Substitution ciphers. 
01/11Perfect secrecy. One-time pad. Blockcipher. Feistel networks. Key-recovery security and exhaustive key search.Chapter 2 of the book
Pages of 1-9 of Bellare-Rogaway notes.
Week 201/16Review.  Hw1 out. 
   01/18Meet-in-the-middle attacks. Practice of key-recovery on some simple, bad blockciphers. Chapter 2.3, 2.4, 2.6 of Bellare-Rogaway notes.
Week 301/23Advanced meet-in-the-middle attack for 3DES-2. PRF definition (lazy and eager). Practice of breaking PRF security on some simple, bad blockciphers.  
01/25More on breaking PRF security. Birthday problem and proofs. Hw1 due. 
Week 401/30PRF implies KR: a reduction. Hybrid argument. Hw2 out. Chapter 3 of Bellare-Rogaway notes.
02/01Hybrid argument, continued. 
Week 5
02/06Review of Hw1. Definitions of PRP. 

02/08Hw2 due.  Game-based proofs. Symmetric encryption.  
Week 6
02/13Review of Hw2. Modes of operation: ECB, CBC, CTR. Security notion: LR. 
02/15More on security notions: RR, and RR*. Relation among notions. Breaking LR security of some bad construction schemes. 
Week 702/20Hw3 out.  Security of CTR mode, and a birthday attack on CTR. Authenticity and MAC. Chapter 3.6 of the book
Chapter 4.7 of Bellare-Rogaway notes.
02/22MAC notion. CBC-MAC and extension attack. 
Week 8
02/27PRF is a good MAC. Carter-Wegman paradigm. Encrypted CBC-MAC. 

03/01Almost-universal hash. Quiz 1. 
Week 9
03/06Hw3 due.  Review of Hw3. Proof of Carter-Wegman. Hw4 out.
03/08Review for midterm. CMAC. MAC with time stamp.
Authenticated encryption: definition. Encryption with redundancy doesn't work. 
Week 1003/13No class (Spring break)
03/15No class (Spring break)
Week 11
03/20Midterm (oral)
03/22Midterm (oral)
Week 12
03/27Authenticated encryption: generic composition. 
03/29Quiz 2. Authenticated encryption, continued.
Week 1304/03Intro to public-key crypto. Hw4 due. 
04/05Quiz 3. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Week 14
04/10Public-key Encryption: definition, CPA security, Plain RSA, Hashed RSA, PKCS 1.0 

04/12Quiz 4. Padding-oracle attack. CCA security: OAEP. Digital signature: definition, security notion, Plain RSA and attacks. 
Week 15
04/17Digital signature: FDH. Cryptographic hash functions.
04/19Revision of Hw4. Hash function, continued. Quiz 5. 
Week 1604/24Student presentation. 
04/26Student presentation.