COP 4531 - Algorithms - Fall 2017 - List of Lecture Topics

LectureTopicReading assignments
Week 108/28Introduction. 
08/30Analysis: Big-Oh notions and examples.

09/01Analysis (continued). 
Chapter 5.1 of textbook
   Week 209/04No class (Labor Day)
09/06Divide-and-Conquer: MergeSort

09/08 No class (School closure)
Week 309/11No class (School closure)
09/13No class (School closure)

09/15No class (School closure)
Week 409/18Recursion tree method and exercises
Homework 1 is out.

09/20Divide-and-Conquer: Counting inversions. Starting Closest Points. Chapter 5.3 of textbook
09/22 Divide-and-Conquer: Closest Points. Chapter 5.4 of textbook
Week 509/25Master Theorem.
Deadline of homework 1.
09/27Master Theorem continued. Greedy algorithms: Coin Changing.
Homework 2 is out.
Chapter 4.1 of textbook

09/29Greedy algorithms: Interval scheduling and partitioning. 
Week 610/02Dynamic programming: Fibonacci, Weighted Interval SchedulingChapter 6.1, 6.2 of textbook

10/04Dynamic programming: Rod cutting, Coin Changing
10/06Deadline of homework 2.
Dynamic programming: Optimal Substructure, Knapsack.
Week 710/09Graphs: definitions, connectivity and traversal. Quiz 1.
Homework 3 is out.
Chapter 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 of textbook
10/11Graphs: connectivity, bipartiteness, DAG Chapter 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 of textbook

10/13Graphs: topological ordering
Week 810/16Deadline of homework 3.
Quiz 2. Graphs: DFS and topological ordering.
Homework 4 is out.
Chapter 4.4 of textbook

10/18Shortest-path: Dijkstra's algorithm
10/20Dijkstra's algorithm continued. Some analytic methods. 
Week 910/23Deadline of homework 4.
Dijkstra's algorithm demos (naive and improved). Analytic methods.
10/25Dijkstra's algorithm implementation.
Homework 5 is out.

10/27Minimum Spanning Tree: BasicChapter 4.5 of textbook
Week 1010/30Midter review

11/03Minimum Spanning Tree: Red-Blue pattern.
Deadline of homework 5.
Week 1111/06Homework 6 is out. Minimum Spanning Tree: Prim's algorithm.
11/08Minimum Spanning Tree: Kruskal's algorithm.
    11/10No class (Veteran Day)
  Week 12    11/13Deadline of homework 6.
Homework 7 is out.
Chapter 4.7 of textbook
    11/15Clustering (continued). Bellman-Ford. Chapter 6.8 of textbook
    11/17Homework 8 is out.
Quiz 3.
Bellman-Ford (continued).
   Week 13     11/20Deadline of homework 7.
Bellman-Ford (continued).
    11/22No class (Thanksgiving)
    11/24No class (Thansgiving)
   Week 14   11/27Bellman-Ford (continued). Distance Vector Protocol.Chapter 6.9 of textbook
    11/29Deadline of homework 8.
Homework 9 is out.
Quiz 4.
Bellman-Ford (continued). Detection of negative cycles.
Chapter 6.10 of textbook
   12/01Detection of negative cycles.
   Week 15    12/04Application of negative cycles: Arbitrage. Some review exercises. 
     12/06Deadline of homework 9.
   12/08Review for final exam
  Week 16    12/11Final exam (10am - 12pm, HCB 315)