System orientation, 2012-08-23

Where do I find answers?

The first place to go is


The Grad Lab

Located in Love 104a

It's just for grad students

Registering for an account

Follow the instructions at http://system.cs.fsu.edu/newusers/access.php. Your session should go something like:
ssh newacct@shell.cs.fsu.edu

[n.b. --> you will be asked for a password twice; each time, answer ``newacct''. ]

     Welcome to the Computer Science Department Account Generator. 


   If authorized, an account will be created based on your answers to
   the following questions. You will be asked to input your personal 
   information. Please pay attention to following rules.

   1. Use your full name according to the Registrar's Office (check
   Blackboard -> Secure Apps -> FSUID Identity Management).

   2. Remove all spaces, hyphens (-), apostrophes ('), and accented
   characters from your first and last names.

   For instance,
     John Smith -> John Smith (no change)
     Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll -> JuanJose GarciaRipoll
     Johana-Marie O'Connell -> JohanaMarie OConnell.

Enter your first name:  John
You entered ``John'': is this correct : y

Enter your last name:  Smith
You entered ``Smith'': is this correct : y

Enter your FSUSN (eg. AB3-45-6789)

Acceptable Usage Policy

Please note:

Help Keep Computer Science Secure

Resources: Machines to know about

Don't program except on the programming machines. Also, websrv2 does not provide your CS home directory.

Machine Type Users Provides
diablo linux faculty, grads email and general use
shell linux undergrads,class email and general use
program1 solaris all programming
program2 solaris all programming
program3 solaris all programming
program4 solaris all programming
linprog1 linux all programming
linprog2 linux all programming
linprog3 linux all programming
linprog4 linux all programming
websrv2 linux undergrads,grads,class web services
diablo linux faculty, grads email and general use
quake linux faculty, grads email and general use


Grad students have a 500 page limit per semester; TAs and RAs can request another 500 pages of quota with permission of their supervisor. Also, you can check how many pages you have printed at http://print.cs.fsu.edu — but only from inside the department. That name doesn't resolve outside of computer science.

Printer Queue Location Users
majors LOV006 (Majors lab) Anyone
grad LOV104A (Grad lab) Grads
lov203 LOV203 Faculty, staff, grads

mail.cs.fsu.edu and email

Wireless access

The CS department provides wireless access in both the LOV and the MCH buildings. Also, you can find more information about campus-wide wireless at


However, note that FSUWIN is run ``in the clear'' and is not secure — it's better to use FSUSECURE

To use the CS department wireless, just look for "CSWLAN" and connect to it with your CS username and password.


Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance

As a member of the Alliance, the CS Department receives the following benefits:

Products included in MSDNAA

In summary