COP4342 - Fall 2017

Assignment 5: Using LaTeX and Graphviz

Objectives: Learn how to write simple documentation using LaTeX and Graphviz

Your assignment is to do a simple write-up in LaTeX and Graphviz.

The write-up itself should be as exact a copy of the three page PDF document DOCUMENT.PDF as you can create using LaTeX and Graphviz; however, in your copy, please change the author field from my name to your name, and the date should be whatever date is current when you finish the assignment.

To create this document, your assignment should include a diagram made with Graphviz using the "dot" language which duplicates the computation found in figure 1 in the document.

Please use the normal math $ and $$ methods to create the mathematical statements; for the C code, I used the "listings" package, but you may use whatever method you like to create the C listing. (I do recommend using "listings"; it makes this portion particularly simple.)

Use the documentstyle article for this assignment.

Create a Makefile to automate the process of ``making'' your final pdf file.

Specifications: Your latex file should be hw5.tex; your dotfile should be called; your final pdf should be called hw5.pdf; and your Makefile should be Makefile.

Please put this into a single tar file called hw5.tar

Homework submission Please submit your tar file hw5.tar on Blackboard by 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 19.