COP 4342-01
Syllabus, lectures, and other materials —Spring 2016

Additional Assignments

At your option, you can complete any (or all!) of these additional assignments.



Introduction (HTML format)

Introduction (PDF format)

General utilities in detail (HTML format)

General utilities in detail (PDF format)

Highlights of the filesystem (HTML format)

Highlights of the filesystem (PDF format)

"The" shell (HTML format)

"The" shell (PDF format)

BASH (HTML format)

BASH (PDF format)

BASH programming (HTML format)

BASH programming (PDF format)

Perl 5 introduction

Perl 5, 2

Perl 5, 3

Perl 5, 4

Perl 5, 5

Perl 5, 6

Perl 5, 7

Perl5 versus Perl6

GDB and source level debugging


Default Emacs bindings summary

TeX and LaTeX

TeX and LaTeX



Numerical tools

Numerical tools

Network tools

Network tools

Other Material

Linux-oriented websites:

Linux Journal


2008-09-02: Really, really small ELF binaries: A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux

2008-09-11: A classic article on TeX: TeX: A Non-Review by Herbert S. Wilf (This is located at JSTOR, so you will need to use a campus network to read this article.)

2015-09-16: A really, really large example of a Bash script: Testssl, from https://www.testssl.sh