COP3353 - 2013 Spring
Assignment 1
Due by 5:00pm Thursday, June 6
Late assignments 50% penalty ; no assignment accepted after June 13

Working with files and directories

Step 0

Login to Enter bash by typing bash (if you don't, then some of the following commands won't work since they are written in bash syntax.)

Step 1

Create a directory called nonce/ in your home directory.

Inside of the directory nonce, create three subdirectories: alpha/, beta/, and gamma/. Copy the file /etc/motd to nonce/alpha/, and copy the file /etc/hosts to nonce/beta/:

Now retrieve the file at with wget, and move it to nonce/gamma/:

The file looks like this:

Edit the file with any editor that you like, replacing the "----" with appropriate answers; for instance:

When you do ls -laR ~/nonce, it should look something like:

Step 2

Create a shell variable called x with the value of running uuidgen like so:

Create a tar file, named with the result of the uuidgen program:

Check the contents of the file with:

Finally, make sure that everything is ready to go:

Step 3

Finally, move the tar file to the directory ~rlangley/Assignment01/