Moving into Beyond Linux from Scratch (BLFS)

These BLFS assignments can be used either as a make-up, or as extra credit.

Please create a "/blfs" subdirectory on your Linux From Scratch image (you might also want to backup your image before embarking on these exercises.) All of your source code for the following installations should be placed there, not in /sources. All assignments are progressive, and must be done in order; do not skip ahead.

Here's what my "/blfs" looked like after finishing the following assignments:

(Note that I installed GPM, but that's not necessary for any of the assignments, so I would not recommend that you install it unless you want to experiment with using a mouse in a virtual terminal environment.)

The first assignment is to install openssl on your BLFS machine. Details here.

The second assignment is to install curl and openssh on your BLFS machine. Details here.

The third assignment is to install postfix on your BLFS machine. Details here.

The fourth assignment is to install the three text-based web browsers, w3m, lynx, and links on your BLFS machine. Details here.

Each assignment can either be used to as a make-up for another assignment, or for 1 point of extra credit on your final grade. If you successfully complete all four assignments (a very doable proposition), you can earn an additional 4 points of extra credit.

All assignments must be finished by 4:00pm on Friday, August 4. I will hold special office hours on August 4 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm to review your work. And, of course, I will be happy to review your work during my regular office hours on Monday, July 31.