CNT5605 - 2017 Summer

Assignment: Linux From Scratch 8.0 (LFS 8.0) installation, through section 5.37

Assignment Details

ALL WORK ON THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST BE DONE IN THE NETWORKING LAB IN LOVE 016. I will verify that your machine has been used to do this assignment. All testing of your work products will be done on your assigned machine.


Please continue working on your installation. You should be finished with section 5.37 (the last section in Chapter 5) by June 26.

At this point stop QEMU, and copy your entire lfs.img file to a new file called lfs-CHAPTER5.img using the following command:

% dd if=lfs.img of=lfs-CHAPTER5.img

The above file at this point in time is one of the two deliverables for this assignment, and I would like to see it by June 26.

If you do have to restart the assignment from the beginning (it happens to about 20% of students), you will have to make a new copy of lfs-CHAPTER5.img.