CNT5605 - 2016 Summer
Submission due on Blackboard by Thursday, June 30th at 11:59pm.

Assignment: Network Scanning


Write a script to:

  1. Find all of the hosts in our local network
  2. Scan them for available information
  3. Save the individual network data to XML files

Assignment Details

First, install both arp-scan and nmap on your machines.

Second, write a Bash script named "scanner.bash" that first uses arp-scan to scan the lab's local network (192.168.26.*), and then calls nmap for each active IP number it finds.

Your script should output a file for each active IP number it finds. The name for each file should just be the IP number that was scanned, such as ""; inside that file you should have XML output describing what information was discovered by nmap for that ip number. To do this, please use nmap's "--no-stylesheet" and "-oX" options. (I would also suggest using the "-A" option for your data collection --- and there are many other options to consider; please see for a good reference for nmap usage.)

Third, run your script inside the lab --- and nowhere else! Do not scan anything outside of 192.168.26.*. Save your "IPNUM" files in a new, clean directory. Also copy your script "scanner.bash" to that directory, tar up the contents of the directory, and submit the tarfile with your XML files and your script on Blackboard. (If you wish to also submit a journal -- not necessary -- then please put it in a file called "journal.txt" and add it to that directory.)