CNT5605 - 2016 Fall

Assignment: Linux From Scratch 7.10 (LFS 7.10) installation, through section 5.36


Continue building a new Linux From Scratch (LFS) system using QEMU's x86_64 emulation for your platform.

Assignment Details

Please continue working on your installation. You should be finished with section 5.36 (the last section in Chapter 5) by Monday, October 31.

At this point, follow the advice at the end of section 5.36 and copy your entire $LFS/tools directory to your much safer Salix home directory on /dev/sda1 (either user lfs or your original Salix username, it doesn't matter.)

A tar file of the $LFS/tools subdirectory at this point in time is one of the two deliverables for this assignment. (Yes, you can go ahead and put it on the flash drive if you like.)