CNT5605 - 2011 Fall
Group Assignment 1
Due Wednesday, September 21 (no write-up necessary)

Installation #1

Your assignment is to install Debian 6 ("Squeeze") on one of the machines assigned to your group. Please use the leftmost machine for this install.

There are 13 "net install" Debian 6 CDs, one for each group. I will hand those out September 19; if neither team member for a team attends on the 19th, then you should still be able to find some CDs at the front desk or you may be able to get one from another team.

Networking information: you have been assigned a block of 10 ipv4 addresses. Please use 192.168.10.N*10 for this machine, where N is your group number. (For instance, group #1 should use, group #10 should use, group #13 should use

The subnet mask is; the gateway is; and there are nameservers located at and

Gratuituous advice:

I noticed that when I did the installation with the text interface that an odd error occurred that I was not able to recover from. However, when I used the graphical install, the installation went smoothly. Also note that the less that you try to initially install, the less that can go wrong (and the faster the install will be.)

A journal is not due for this assignment.