Question Set #2

Due Monday
November 9, 2009

Please write at least several paragraphs or bullet-points discussing the points advanced below and be prepared to discuss those if called upon to do so in class. Turn in a written copy of your answers at the beginning of class Monday, November 9.

As mentioned in the first question set, the concept of "cloud services" has become quite trendy, with Amazon's S3 service becoming one of the most popular out there, in part due to its simple API for "cloud storage."

However, the API is less than system administrator-friendly, and sysadmin tool-kits such as s3cmd, which you wrote about in the first question set, have popped up to make the S3 service more usable. In this question set, we will look at a backup tool, brackup, which can natively use S3 storage for making backups.

As you did for s3cmd, please detail in several paragraphs or bullet-points your thoughts on brackup's

  1. Usability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Security

Additionally, please write a comparison and contrast of s3cmd and brackup focusing on which utility is better suited to making off-site backups.

All of your writing should be from the viewpoint of a system administrator and should bear in mind the three imperatives for system administrators: availability, integrity, and confidentiality.