Final Paper Information

Due Tuesday, December 1st

Contents: What should be in the paper?

Your paper should be on a system administration topic area that you would like to follow up on. This should should be five to seven (or more if you like) pages. Some suggestions might be

Physical format

Please print the paper single-sided, on lettersize (8.5 x 11) paper, and the text should be double-spaced. Please staple your paper. Please do not email me this paper, it should be handed to me in class on December 1st.


In order to automate the process of finding plagiarism, we will also use TurnItIn. You must submit a copy of your paper before class on December 1st to the TurnItIn system via Blackboard.

Late Policy

No late papers will be accepted.


The paper will be graded on adherence to formatting instructions, good grammar and punctuation, clear and coherent reasoning, and demonstrated knowledge about system administration.