CNT4603 — 2015 Summer
Assignment 3
Journals Due Tuesday, September 22, at the beginning of class.

Assignment: VirtualBox and CentOS 7

Your objectives are to install VirtualBox on your Debian server, and then install CentOS 7 as a virtual server inside of VirtualBox. First, install VirtualBox. You can install a full version of VirtualBox from, or you should be able to install it from a Debian repository.

Next, pull down an ISO of CentOS 7. I have cached a copy here in the lab, but if you are interested in seeing all of the different possibilities for ISOs and downloads, look at the download area of

Now use the "create a new machine" option on VirtualBox; use a VDI (not a real partition) and this disk image doesn't need to be very large (30 gigabytes is more than sufficient). Give the machine only one processor and 1 gigabyte of memory.

A journal is due for this assignment. Make sure that you document in your journal all of the steps that you went through, following the guidelines on the class home page.

Please turn in a printed copy of this assignment at the beginning of class on Tuesday, September 22.