Here's what I think are the important things to absorb from the fifth week's reading:

From ULSA "Chapter 17 -- DNS: The Domain Name System"

   Structure of DNS and its functions. Resource records: A, AAAA, MX, SOA, NS,
   CNAME, PTR, TXT. Delegation. Caching. 

From ULSA "Chapter 18 -- The Network File System"

   Transition from statelessness to stateful. The woes of locking.
   Security. Nobody account. Identity mapping.
From MWS2008R2 "Chapter 8 -- Group Policy: AD's Gauntlet"

   Local and domain-based GPO concepts. Creating GPOs. Application of GPOs and
   conflict resolution.

From MWS2008R2 "Chapter 10 -- Files, Folders, and Shares"

   Setting up shares. Publishing shares. Permissions.