Here's what I think are the important things to absorb from the fourth week's reading:

From ULSA "Chapter 8 -- Storage"

   Growing use of SSDs in addition to traditional spinning drives. Hybrid
   drives are now in the market (book is not up-to-date on this.)

   Tools: fdisk mkfs, mkdir, mount, smartctl,
   hdparm, fsck. Files such as /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab. 

   RAID can be either implemented in hardware or software.

   Block and raw devices. Partitions. Logical storage schemes, such as LVM.

   Secure erase.


   MBR and GPT schemes.

From ULSA "Chapter 14 -- TCP/IP Networking"

   Overview of IP/ICMP/ARP/UDP/TCP. IPv4 versus IPv6. MAC addresses. IPv4 addresses.
   Ports. CIDR concept. NAT. Routing. DHCP. VPN concept. Firewalls via iptables.

   Tools: ifconfig, route, arp, netstat, ping,

From ULSA "Chapter 16 -- Networking hardware"

   Ethernet. PoE. Jumbo frames. Wireless.

From MWS2008R2 "Chapter 6 -- Creating the Simple AD: The One-Domain, One-Location AD"

   Single domains. Windows Domain terminology. Forestry. SYSVOL. Redundant DC. OUs,
   accounts, GPOs.

From MWS2008R2 "Chapter 7 -- Creating and Managing User Accounts"

   Local and domain accounts. The Administrator account. Groups. Profiles.