CNT4603 - Summer 2012
Assignment 1
No journal due

Installation #1

Your assignment is to install Debian on one of the machines assigned to you — please use the one on the left side.

There are 22 USB sticks, and one should be at your assigned desk. These should work; please let me know if you cannot boot the USB stick.

As to disk partitioning issues, please use the remove all partitions option and don't bother to save any of the old information on the machine.

Networking information: you have been assigned a block of 10 ipv4 addresses. Please use the first one in your block, which should look like 192.168.10.(N*10+40), where N is equal to desk number. For instance, if you are desk #1, then your ip numbers are through The subnet mask is; the gateway is; and there are nameservers located at and (or you can use the public domain nameserver, which is very fast indeed.)

While this assignment is quite straightforward for the most part, there is one major "gotcha": the install assumes that DHCP is available in the environment, and you will have to figure out how to get around this.

Also, note that the less that you choose to install initially, the less time that it will take to do the initial install. Indeed, if you choose no packages, then installation finishes almost instantaneously.

A journal is not due for this assignment.