CIS4407 - 2008 Summer
Group Assignment 7
Journals Due midnight on Friday, August 7th.

Assignment: IPSec

Your objective is to set up IPSec between your two physical (non-virtualized) servers.

Once you have done this, you will then capture traffic with tshark conclusively showing the traffic between the two non-virtualized servers is encrypted. You can either use a screen capture, or you can capture the text.

The second step in this exercise is to do the same capture of data between one of your virtualized servers and your CentOS non-virtualized, physical server and include that data in your writeup.

Then explain why or why not you are seeing encrypted data flowing between the virtual machine and the CentOS non-virtualized server.

A journal is due for this assignment. Make sure that you document in your journal all of the steps that you went through, following the guidelines on the class home page. Please share the workload so that all team members get experience with all aspects of the work. Do not forget to assign your work percentages to yourself and your other teammates in your journal. Please email a printed copy of this assignment no later than midnight on Friday, August 7th.