FSU Campus IT Security Meeting


Torpig/Mebroot is a nasty trojan that is making presenting a challenge to defend against and clean should the end-point become infected. We will host a slide show and discussion of this threat and remediation strategies.

Patch/Version Management — A quick look at Microsoft's "System Center Configuration Manager" as a multi-vendor patch deployment option for the Windows environment . We will then review an online scanning option to complete a quick and dirty end point scan to ensure applications are properly patched. Finally, we review problems you can encounter updating applications titled "When is an Update not Really an Update- The Legacy File Problem"

Browser Privacy — A browser privacy project answers the question of how leaky your user's browsers are to the outside world.

General Security — Current security issues that span a wide range of topics:

.edu breach — A traditional Monday morning quarterback analysis of recent data/privacy breaches in higher-ed.

There will also be a Cisco presentation — We are bringing in Cisco engineers to review new product information for their gear with an emphasis on security appliances/applications/feature sets. Bring your questions...