Last Friday (May 23rd), you installed CentOS 5.1, a Linux distribution, on one of your two PC platform machines (and not on your Sun/Solaris machine --- that's the large blue machine on top of the desk that says "Sun" on it.)

This was done via a "NFS install" and a boot CD-ROM. Most of the configuration that you did after "linux askmethod" was to allow your machine to find its NFS server.

Yesterday (Wednesday, May 28th), you started making that new CentOS 5.1 machine a NFS server capable of providing the CentOS 5.1 distribution to your other PC.

In order for that CentOS 5.1 machine to serve as a NFS server for the installation media, you need to do several things:

  1. First, download the full CentOS 5.1 distribution; i.e., the 6 CD ISOs that you were to download on Wednesday.
  2. Configure NFS on the machine so that it can serve to your other PC, and start NFS.
  3. Open the firewall on the NFS server so that NFS packets can go between the two machines.
  4. Make any other configuration changes that might occur (for instance, you might have to change your SELinux settings if you have any SELinux errors.)

Once you have your machine set up as a server, you need to boot the other machine with the same boot CD-ROM that you used to create the NFS server, and go through the same steps that you did last Friday, using a different ip number from your set of ten ip numbers that you were assigned.