CIS4407 - 2008 Summer
Group Assignment 7
Journals Due Wednesday, July 16th, at the beginning of class.

Assignment: DNS services

Your objective is to set up djbdns on your virtual server dns.

The source code can be found at You will have to install all three packages: daemontools, ucspi-tcp, and djbdns.

You should install it initially as an "external cache" for your other servers. Once you have djbdns installed and running on dns, test to see if your other machines (including the new virtual server mail) can use this by changing each machine's resolv.conf to point to your new server.

Depending on how you set up your virtual server, you may have to make changes to s1's /etc/xen/dns, to dns's /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/, or, even conceivably to s1's /etc/sysctl.conf.

A journal is due for this assignment. Make sure that you document in your journal all of the steps that you went through, following the guidelines on the class home page. Please share the workload so that all team members get experience with all aspects of the work. Do not forget to assign your work percentages to yourself and your other teammates in your journal. Please turn in a printed copy of this assignment at the beginning of class on Wednesday, July 16th.