CIS4385 - 2017 Spring

Please login into using your private key created in assignment 1. In the subdirectory "/usr/local/dfwk-chap12", you will find two files, "Header_from_Gmail_account.txt" and "Header_from_Yahoo_e-mail_account.txt".

Create a file called "assignment4-report.txt" in your home directory. Please answer the following questions in your report about the "Yahoo" file, and then answer the same set of questions about the "Gmail" file:

  1. Examine the email headers. Please identify each header as either "original" (i.e., the original mail program created this header), or as "transmission" (i.e., a server along the way added this header.)
  2. Identify both the header sender and the envelope sender.
  3. Identify both the header recipient and the envelope recipient.
  4. There are a number of ip numbers in the headers. List all of these ip numbers, and categorize each of these as "Private", "No reverse DNS record", or "Has reverse DNS record". For those that fall in the last category, list all of the reverse DNS records that exist for that IP number now.
  5. What client was used to create the message?

Please submit your "assignment4-report.txt" on Blackboard, and please also leave it on