CIS 4385
Final Paper Requirements — Spring 2015

Due on April 10

What should be in the paper?

You should have each of the following:

  1. A cybercrime topic area that you would like to follow up on. This should be the bulk of your paper, and should be five to seven (or more if you like pages). Some suggestions might be
    1. Writing about a new or developing area such as live analysis of Windows environments, and in particular, you might write about the analysis of cloud-based systems, mobile devices, or virtualization.
    2. A well-understood topic such as static analysis of files, perhaps concentrating on the advances with matching techniques.
    3. Independent work, where you outline an innovative procedure or thought.
    4. A significant installation project in the lab environment, such as setting up a full cooperative forsenic investigation environment. A primary component of this would be making an initial choice of software (either a full distribution, or some agglomeration of software), trying to keep tools as modern and as flexible as possible.

Overall, I expect the content of the paper to be at least seven pages long and to have both citations and references.


Do not commit plagiary. If you quote someone else's work or use someone else's illustration, you must clearly delineate these and cite the original source. Also, all use of copyright materials must fall within federal guidelines for Fair Use Doctrine. This means that you may not take unduly large amounts of text from a source, even if it is correctly quoted and attributed.

Quoting: for short quotes, you should use quotation marks, such as "Cybercrime has grown to a multibillion dollar field in the last ten years." For longer quotes, it's best to use a separate paragraph that has clearly been indented as a "block" quote, and change fonts. If you add your own emphasis (such as bold or italics), then please note that change with something like "(my emphasis added)"; if emphasis was originally in the source material, please note that also. For diagrams, photographs, or other illustrations, you must note in the caption the originator of the figure.

Physical format

You do not have to submit a printed copy, although you are welcome to do so. You must submit a PDF copy of your final paper on Blackboard, where it will be submitted to TurnItIn.

Late Policy

No late papers are accepted.