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Syllabus, lectures, and other materials — Spring 2013

Spring 2013: Syllabus for CIS-4385

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Windows Forensics Introduction

Unix/Linux Forensics Introduction

Memory Analysis

Memory Analysis, part 2

Malware Post-mortem

The Windows Registry

File Analysis

File Analysis

Live Analysis



The FAT filesystem


Other Material

ntpasswd home page

RegRipper website

H Online website

Offensive Computing website

2008-08-11: Plastic Keys to Physical Locks: Researchers Crack Medeco High-Security Locks With Plastic Keys

2008-08-22: An Email about an intrusion at Redhat's Fedora: Infrastructure report, 2008-08-22 UTC 1200

2009-02-10: Data breach at FAA: FAA reports 45,000 data records pilfered from server

2009-04-01: Spam Back to 94% of All E-Mail

* 2009-05-15: Backup woes at Avsim: Hackers 'destroy' flight sim site

* 2009-07-23: Adobe Flash woes: New attacks exploit vuln in (fully-patched) Adobe Flash

* 2009-10-16: Big-Box Breach: The Inside Story of Wal-Mart's Hacker Attack

2009-10-22: FBI and SOCA plot cybercrime smackdown: White hats get proactive on e-crime

* 2010-01-20: Fearing Hackers Who Leave No Trace

2010-01-20: More Researchers Going On The Offensive To Kill Botnets

2010-02-04: Identifying almost identical files using context triggered piecewise hashing

2010-02-04: Using Every Part of the Buffalo in Windows Memory Analysis

2010-02-04: Using Hashing to Improve Volatile Memory Forensic Analysis

* 2010-02-05: Hacking for Fun and Profit in China's Underworld

* 2010-02-05: US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?

2010-02-06: FATKit: A Framework for the Extraction and Analysis of Digital Forensic Data from Volatile System Memory.

* 2010-02-19: Modern banker malware undermines two-factor authentication

* 2010-02-19: Broad New Hacking Attack Detected.

* 2010-02-19: The Kneber botnet - FAQ.

2010-02-19: The creation of a rogue CA certificate via an MD5 collision story: MD5 considered harmful today: Creating a rogue CA certificate.

2010-02-19: Why the Windows Registry sucks... technically

* 2010-02-23: Keyloggers: Churchill High grade scheme may involve half-dozen students; apparently, from other stories on this incident, the students may have picked this up from Youtube, which hosted videos on install keyloggers, including ones showing how to create trojans to install keyloggers (search Youtube for "Ardamax", for instance.)

* 2010-03-08: A classic: No Stone Unturned

* 2010-03-16: What we know (and learned) from the Waledac takedown

2010-04-01: Another classic on the Linux ELF format: A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux.

2010-04-08: Older work on analyzing a binary

* 2011-01-04: Original Supreme Court materials on the Frye and Daubert standards.

2011-01-11: Security status of various hashes

2011-01-18: More odd stuff in the Windows registry: Stay Classy, Microsoft

2011-01-18: Electronic warfare: targeted malware: Israeli Test on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay

2011-01-25: More printer vulnerabilities: Giving Hackers a Printed Invitation

2011-01-25: Improvements in Windows logging in 2008R2 and some versions of Windows 7:

2011-01-25: USB device claims that it is a keyboard, issues commands: Researchers turn USB cable into attack tool

2011-02-01: DDos arrests: Police arrest five men over Wikileaks-related 'Anonymous' denial of service attacks

2011-02-01: Infected PC Compromises Pentagon Credit Union

2011-02-01: Thumb Drive Attack in 2008 Compromised Classified U.S. Networks

2011-02-16: Foreign hackers attack Canadian government

2011-02-22: Man pockets $8m running computer fraud ring: Zombies dialed premium phone numbers

2011-02-24: New Financial Trojan Keeps Online Banking Sessions Open after Users 'Logout'

2011-02-24: A Good Decade for Cybercrime

2011-03-03: A Look Inside the Bustling Cybercrime Marketplace

2011-03-03: Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

2011-03-03: Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government

2011-03-29: New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks

2011-04-08: Data Recovery in Linux (with TestDisk)

2011-06-06: How a cheap graphics card could crack your password in under a second

2011-08-02: Anatomy of a Unix breach

2011-09-12: Rent-a-Bot Networks Tied to TDSS Botnet

2011-11-04: Chaos Computer Club analyzes government malware

2011-11-14: Et tu, Boeing? FACT CHECK: SCADA Systems Are Online Now

2011-11-14: Underground call-centre for identity theft uncovered by security researchers

2011-11-14: The Dark Side Of Biometrics: 9 Million Israelis' Hacked Info Hits The Web

2011-11-14: The Underground Economy of Fake Antivirus Software (PDF)

2011-11-14: The Perfect Scam

2011-11-14: Who killed the fake-antivirus business?

2011-11-14: Russian police take a bite out of online crime

2011-11-28: Japan's continuing cybersecurity problems: Upper House confirms falling victim to cyber-attacks

2011-11-28: Japan's continuing cybersecurity problems: Only 45% of lawmakers changed passwords after cyber-attack

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: Carrier IQ Tries to Silence Security Research Exposing Its Rootkit, gets Pinned Down by the EFF

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: The Rootkit Of All Evil — CIQ

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: Carrier IQ Tries to Censor Research With Baseless Legal Threat

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: Smartphone Invader Tracks Your Every Move

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: CarrierIQ

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: Proof Published that Carrier IQ is Recording Key Presses and Location Data

2011-11-30: Carrier IQ saga: The Storm Is Not Over Yet — Lets Talk About #CIQ

2012-01-03: Carrier IP saga: Some Facts about Carrier IQ

2012-01-05: Govt working on defensive cyberweapon / Virus can trace, disable sources of cyber-attacks

2012-02-15: Ron is Wrong, Whit is Right

2012-03-15: Researchers Seek Help in Solving DuQu Mystery Language

2012-03-29: Organised Crime in the Digital Age Executive Summary

2012-03-29: NSA Chief: China Behind RSA Attacks

2012-04-02: Hunting Malware with Volatility

2012-04-02: CSI: Internet HQ — Series 1

2012-04-02: CSI: Internet HQ — Series 2

2012-04-02: W32.Duqu The precursor to the next Stuxnet

2012-04-19: OpenSSL flaw

2013-01-16: "Red October" Diplomatic Cyber Attacks Investigation

2013-02-18: FROST: Forensic Recovery Of Scrambled Telephones

2013-02-18: U.S. said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign

2013-02-20: APT1: Exposing One of China's Cyber Espionage Units

2013-02-25: Code certificate laissez-faire leads to banking Trojans

2013-02-25: Digging Into the Sandbox-Escape Technique of the Recent PDF Exploit

2013-02-27: Bizarre old-school spyware attacks governments, sports Mark of the Beast

2013-02-27: The MiniDuke Mystery: PDF 0-day Government Spy Assembler 0x29A Micro Backdoor

2013-02-27: Miniduke

2013-03-04: As Hacking Against U.S. Rises, Experts Try to Pin Down Motive

2013-03-04: Where Apps Meet Work, Secret Data Is at Risk

2013-03-06: Malware linked to Chinese hackers aims at Japanese government

2013-03-22: How whitehats stopped the DDoS attack that knocked Spamhaus offline

2013-04-08: How a banner ad for H&R Block appeared on - without Apple's OK

2013-04-22: Japanese Police Ask ISPS to Start Blocking TOR

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