Digital Forensics
Due Tuesday, February 1st

Assignment: Installing Ubuntu

There are a number of Ubuntu 10.10 CDs at the instructor's desk. Please use one of them, or your own media if you prefer, to install Ubuntu 10.10 on your assigned PC before class on Tuesday.

As to configuration, remember: there is no (legitimate, anyway!) DHCP in the room, so you must set up the network. Use the assigned IP number for your machine.

The gateway for 202MCH is

The nameservers for Computer Science are at and

Please go ahead and use the entire disk for your operating system; there's no reason to reserve any space or save the old operating system. Instead, you will need to have a reasonable amount of disk space for your work this semester.

You should go ahead and update your system; the easy way to do this is to use Synaptic, but you are welcome to use apt (or any of the other package managers) if you prefer the command line.

For Windows connectivity during the semester, we will use rdesktop (or Krdc, if you prefer and if you can get it to work with Windows 2008), so please make sure that you have a copy on your machine.

No write up is necessary for this assignment.