CGS 2100 Microcomputer Applications for Business and Economics
Fall 2017
Course Calendar

Last Update: September 22, 2017

This handout provides the planned course schedule, including due dates and required readings. This information is tentative, may be updated and is subject to change as the semester progresses. Check the course web site, including both announcements and this handout's latest version, and check your FSU email, often.


First day of term: Monday, August 29, 2017
No Class on Thanksgiving Day, November 23

Important scheduling update

No Class held on September 12 and 14 because of tropical storm Irma

To make up for those two days of class, there will be two meetings held on September 30 in HCB 101. The first will be 11:00am - 12:15pm, and the second will be 2:00pm - 3:15pm.


Assignment or Exam Date Due
First Day Attendance Survey Must be completed by 11:59pm on Tuesday, August 29
Syllabus Quiz Friday, September 8 Friday, September 15 Friday, September 22
MS Office Assignment #1 Friday, September 22 Friday, September 29 Monday, October 2
Start sign-up for Exam 1 Monday, October 2
MS Office Assignment #2 Friday, October 6 Monday, October 9
MS Office Assignment #3 Friday, October 20
Exam 1 Session Monday - Friday, October 16-20
MS Office Assignment #4 Friday, November 3 Wednesday, November 8
MS Office Assignment #5 Friday, November 17 November 24
Start sign-up for Exam 2 Monday, November 20
Exam 2 Session Monday - Friday, December 4-8


This following table lists course lecture topics and corresponding assigned readings.

Topics and readings will typically be covered in the order listed.

Note on semesters: full semesters (fall and spring) typically are comprised of 15 weeks of scheduled classes; summer half-terms typically are comprised of 6 weeks of scheduled classes.

Concepts Required Readings

When Course Topics
Assigned Readings
Week 1 Syllabus
Course Syllabus
Course Calendar
Text Chapter 1
Week 2 Hardware Basics Text Chapter 2, Appendix A
Week 3 Networking Basics Text Chapter 3
Week 4 Software Basics: The Ghost in the Machine Text Chapter 4
Week 5 Software Basics: The Ghost in the Machine Text Chapter 5
Week 6 Hardware Basics Text Chapter 6
Week 7 More on Networking
Text Chapter 7 (end of material for Exam 1)
Week 8 Digital lifestyle
Exam 1 all week
Text Chapter 8
Week 9 Issues in Ethics and Technology: ACM Code of Ethics
Digital Risks, Digital security
ACM Code of Ethics, Chapter 9
Week 10 More on software Text Chapter 10
Week 11 Databases and other information systems Text Chapter 11
Week 12 More on Computer Security and Risks
Text Chapter 12
Week 13 How the Internwork Works
Text Chapter 13
Week 15 Exam 2 all week