Microcomputer Applications for Business and Economics
CGS 2100
Fall 2014


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Notes for Chapter 10: The Basics of Networking

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2014-09-02: Some of you have written to ask about purchasing a standalone access card to the online Pearson student materials. I believe that there is a link here for a standalone access card; but I would strongly recommend contacting Pearson to see if what you want is included in this product before you order it.

2014-09-02: Additional web resources from Pearson are available at http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_beekman_tomtech_10/183/46879/12001253.cw/index.html.

In The News: Edward Snowden

2013-08-26: The Guardian's NSA Files collection of articles (also related, The Guardian's general NSA keyword articles)

2013-08-26: They Know Much More Than You Think

2013-08-27: Snowden Interview

2014-08-28: An Open Letter from US Researchers in Cryptography and Information Security

2014-08-28: NSA and the Snowden Issues

2014-09-11: Mathematicians Discuss the Snowden Revelations

Technology in our lives

2013-06-25: FEMA Cyberattack advice webpage

2013-07-13: Your Facebook Friends May Be Evil Bots

2013-07-18: Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code

2013-07-18: Stuxnet (Wikipedia)

2013-07-18: DHS Eyes Sharing Zero-Day Intelligence With Businesses

2013-07-22: FBI Cyber-crime news archive

2013-07-22: Getting the message, at last

2013-07-22: Messages from the past

2013-07-24: The Coming Push to Open Source Everything

2013-08-27: Firefox Security and Privacy Add-ons

2014-01-22: What Secrets Your Phone Is Sharing About You

2014-01-23: 4 Ways to Keep Hackers Out of Your Refrigerator

2014-01-23: Food that texts 'eat me' could be on way, minister told

2014-01-28: BeWifi lets you steal your neighbor's bandwidth when they're not using it

2014-02-06: We Need to Re-decentralize The Web

2014-03-18: Who Needs to Know How to Code?

2014-08-27: Anti-spy technology remains hot a year after NSA leaks

2014-08-28: Nigeria launches national electronic ID cards

2014-09-03: Hackers Divert Sony Exec's Plane, Launch DoS Attack on PlayStation Network

2014-09-03: Electromagnetic Warfare is Here

Technology in History

Most histories of computing leave out the contributions of the number theorists in the early 20th century who constructed specialized computing devices.

The most prominent of these were Derrick Norman Lehmer and Derrick Henry Lehmer.

Here are a few web pages with information about their computing devcies:

A recent talk given by Arjen Lenstra

Lehmer Factoring Machines

Also, here's an interesting book review of a recently published book about the origins of the computing age: Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe

Technology and Society

Artificial Intelligence (usually called "AI") has long been a fascination of computer scientists and the general public.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The Turing Test

The Trouble with the Turing Test

Eugene Goostman

XKCD (of course); it's at http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/turing_test.png

Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology

Generations in the Computing Age

Konrad Zuse


Altair 8800

IMSAI 8080

Apple I

Apple II

November, 1977 edition of BYTE magazine

Xerox PARC


Google Glass

Another printing technology: Dye sublimation printer

3d printing

IBM's latest and greatest mainframe

The Dawn of Quantum Computing Age?

2014-09-02: Top 500 Supercomputers in the world


BBC Science Podcast RSS feed

Ten Risks of PKI

Mike Shapiro Hidden Camera Cartoon

Computer and Information Ethics

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Privacy Information Center

ACM Code of Ethics (this is also included in Appendix B of your textbook)

Ethics in Computer (NC State)

Digital Rights

Megaupload and the Government's Attack on Cloud Computing

GPL's list of Open Source Software Licenses

Meet the Machines that Steal Your Phone's Data

Difference Engine: Pay up or shut up

You're infected — if you want to see your data again, pay us $300 in Bitcoins

Forget the Stereotype: Profile of an IT Worker

2014-09-02: Japanese Patent Office webpage on Kyota Sugimoto, inventor of the first Japanese typewriter

2014-09-02: English language webpage on the development of the Japanese typewriter

2014-09-02: Japanese language webpage on the development of the Japanese typewriter

2014-09-02: In addition to quantum computing, which I have discussed a bit in class, another potentially important technology is that of the memristor.

2014-09-03: Miraisens ("Future Sense") creating 3-d tactile/haptic interaction technology

2014-09-03: Petals to the metal

2014-09-03: Mobileye coming to a road near to you?

2014-09-03: Money from nothing?

2014-09-03: Are your calls being intercepted? 17 fake cell towers discovered in one month

2014-09-09: Intel's New Edison Board

2014-09-09: Apple's New Iphone 6

2014-09-09: The language of the internet of things

2014-09-16: Watch out, California's self-driving car permits take effect today

2014-10-13: Microsoft Research demos our potential, holodeck-style gaming future

2014-10-16: The best resource on the Internet for Chapter 7: The Wikipedia's article on Databases

2014-10-20: Revealed: how Whisper app tracks 'anonymous' users

2014-10-21: Google Search Operators

2014-10-21: Advanced Google Search

2014-10-21: Wikipedia's List of Personal Information Managers

2014-10-21: Meet the $800 Windows tablet designed to interpret for deaf people

2014-10-21: Chinese government launches man-in-middle attack against iCloud

2014-10-21: HTML5 now an official W3C standard

2014-11-06: Connected Choices: How the Internet Is Challenging Sovereign Decisions

2014-11-18: Keeping Secrets

2014-11-18: A phoneful of dollars

2014-11-18: Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

2014-11-18: Anatomy of an Attack

2014-11-18: Equity Funding Corporation

2014-11-18: TEMPEST: A Signal Problem

2014-11-25: Test your knowledge of the Internet (from Pew)