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In The News

2013-06-25: Raspberry Pi bot tracks hacker posts to vacuum up passwords and more

2013-06-25: Assange: Snowden is en route to Ecuador and “in a safe place” for now

2013-06-25: Cassini captures gigantic hurricane on Saturn in exquisite detail

2013-06-25: It Wasn't All Magic: The Early Struggle to Automate Cryptanalysis: 1930s — 1960s

Technology in our lives

2013-06-25: Computer cold call virus scam — scammers outsmarted!

2013-06-25: FEMA Cyberattack advice webpage

2013-06-26: Wireless Sensing

2013-06-26: Sony's New Smartwatch

2013-06-26: Finance CIOs sweat as regulators prepare to probe aging mainframes

2013-07-13: New Bluetooth, Audio, TPM Requirements Coming for Windows 8 devices

2013-07-13: Your Facebook Friends May Be Evil Bots

2013-07-18: Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code

2013-07-18: Stuxnet (Wikipedia)

2013-07-18: --- in particular, look at the new page on Fingerprinting

2013-07-18: DHS Eyes Sharing Zero-Day Intelligence With Businesses

2013-07-22: FBI Cyber-crime news archive

2013-07-22: Getting the message, at last

2013-07-22: Messages from the past

2013-07-24: The Coming Push to Open Source Everything

2013-07-24: The perfect Trojan horse

2013-07-24: The firewall threat you don't know

2013-07-24: Power Pwn

Technology in History

Most histories of computing leave out the contributions of the number theorists in the early 20th century who constructed specialized computing devices.

The most prominent of these were Derrick Norman Lehmer and Derrick Henry Lehmer.

Here are a few web pages with information about their computing devcies:

A recent talk given by Arjen Lenstra

Lehmer Factoring Machines