This all started with some annoying search hijacking.

Recently, though, that the number of really nasty domains had grown quite a bit; indeed, so much so that excellent antidote websites like had sprung up with canned solutions for doing blackholes via BIND, much as I had been doing with MaraDNS.

In a nutshell, here's how to use the same system, with local customizations:

1) Add the following lines to named.conf:

    include "/etc/namedb/blackhole/spywaredomains.zones";
    include "/etc/namedb/blackhole/other.zones";

2) Create the subdirectories /etc/namedb and /etc/namedb/blackhole

3) cd /etc/namedb/blackhole ; wget

4) Create the file other.zones.

Here's a sample other.zones suitable for FSU Computer Science.