Recent Teaching Responsibilities by Semester

Classes Taught 1982 - 2013

CAP 5605 Artificial Intelligence
CAP 5615 Artificial Neural Networks [course developer]
CAP 6616 Autonomous Behavior
CAP 4601 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CDA 3120 Digital Networks
CDA 4102 Computer Organization
CIS 4930 X-Windows Programming
CIS 4930 Genetic Algorithms [course developer]
CIS 4930 Neural Networks [course developer]
CIS 4930 Artificial Neural Networks
CIS 4930 Top 10 Algorithms [course developer]
CIS 5930 Object-Oriented Programming for Computation [course developer]
CIS 5930 Computer Graphics [course developer]
CIS 5930 Neural Networks [course developer]
CIS 5930 Expert Networks [course developer]
CIS 5935 Introduction to Research
CIS 6930 Neural Computing [course developer]
CIS 6930 Case-Based Reasoning [course developer]
COP 2000 Computer Programming I Using C++
COP 3330 Object Oriented Programming
COP 3001 Programming II
COP 3510 Programming III
COP 4020 Programming Languages
COP 4380 Reactive Systems Programming [course developer]
COP 4530 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
COP 4530 Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming [course developer]
COP 4531 Complexity and Analysis of Data Structures and Algorithms [course developer]
COP 4610 Operating Systems
COP 5385 HSM and Reactive Systems [course developer]
COP 5517 Generic Programming [course developer]
COP 5632 Software Engineering
COT 5405 Advanced Algorithms
EEL 4930 Special Topics in Electrical Eng. [course developer]
MAC 1132 College Algebra and Trigonometry
MAC 2311 Calculus I
MAC 3312 Calculus II
MAD 2104 Discrete Math I
MAD 3105 Discrete Math II
MAD 3401 Numerical Analysis I
MAP 3302 Ordinary Differential Equations
MTG 6939 Advanced Seminar in Topology [course developer]

Most of these have been taught several times.

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