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Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming
Chapter Index

0. Introduction to COP 3330 1. Basic C++: A Review 2. Execution Control in C/C++ 3. Functions in C/C++ 4. C++ Classes Part 1: Basics 5. C/C++ Pointers, Arrays, and Pointer Arithmetic 6. C++ Classes Part 2: Advanced Features 7. C Strings, Proper Type, and String Objects 8. A BitVector Class 9. C++ Classes Part 3: Inheritance 10. C++ Classes Part 4: Polymorphism and OO Programming 11. The C++ I/O System 12. Template Classes and Functions A1. The Emacs Text Editor A2. ELectronic Mail (elm) A3. The G++ Compiler A4. The Make Utility 0. Introduction to COP 4530 1. Introduction to Algorithms: Verification, Complexity, and Searching 2. A Generic Vector Class 3. A Generic List Class and Linked Lists 3A. Chalktalk: List - PushFront() and Testing 4. Generic Positional Containers and Double Ended Queues 5. Abstract Data Types: Stacks and Queues 5A. Chalktalk: The Rat and Maze Specification 6. Function Classes and Objects 7. Iterators 8. Generic Algorithms 9. Introduction to Sets 10. Introduction to Maps 11. Introduction to Trees 12. Binary Search Trees 13. Balanced BSTs 14. Hashing, Hash Functions, and Their Uses 15. Hash Tables and Associative Arrays 15A. Chalktalk: Internet Router 16. Binary Heaps 17. BST Iterators Appendix 1: Template Classes and Functions Appendix 2: Bit Vectors Appendix 3: I/O 0. Introduction to COP 4531 1. Introduction to Algorithm Analysis 2. Positional Containers 3. Associative Containers 4. Hash Tables and Associative Arrays 5. Generic Set Algorithms 6. Generic Heap Algorithms, Priority Queues, Heap Sort 7. Sorting Algorithms 8. Data Structure Algorithms Summary 12. Graphs and Digraphs [under revision] 5. Compile Time Techniques in C++ 5. Typelists 5. Generalized Functors 5. Singletons 5. Smart Pointers A. The Emacs Text Editor A. ELectronic Mail (elm) A. The G++ Compiler A. The Make Utility Z. Patterns Z. Introduction to the Standard Template Library
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