Introduction to Operating Systems


Tentative Schedule: COP 4610

Fall 1997


Reading assignments are intended to be completed or in progress by the date shown, so that you can get the most out of that class.


In-class quizzes may be given at any time, without prior notice. If you plan on missing a class, you are responsible for checking in advance whether there will be a quiz that day.


In-class quizzes will generally be given at the beginning of the class period, and will be short (10-20 minutes) so do not be late! If you arrive late, we may already be going over the solutions.


Quizzes will mostly cover material that is in the reading assignments, that has not yet been covered in class, but may occasionally include some material covered earlier in class. To keep the in-class time short, the quiz will just check a few points, rather than cover the whole reading. For example, I might ask you to do one or two exercises similar to those in the text, answer a few true-false questions, or give a few definitions. Best preparation is to do the reading or programming assignment and the homework exercises.


Homework assignments are not shown on this schedule. They will be announced in class and via email. Same with the quizzes.