What can my movie database do?

        To login as a manager use the following
  • Login Name: danjogom
  • Password: simple

  • Register new users
  • Authenticate users both regular or manager.
  • Content cannot be accessed unless you are logged in
  • Only managers can access manager pages, try going to ww2.cs.fsu.edu/~gomez/addVideos.jsp as a regular user, you will be denied access.
  • Managers can ...
    • Add new movies and update current stock
    • Add new actors and directors to movies
    • Award users whom are Most Trusted or have the best Useful Ratings.
  • A regular User can ...
    • Search for movies/actors/directors and sort the results in 3 different ways
    • View Top 'n' Best Sellers, top actors and directors
    • Use the DEGREE OF SEPARATION to determine how far an actor is from another based on what movies they have acted in!
    • View their Profile using the tabs at the top of the page
    • In their Profile, view their history of Orders, reviews given, list of their trusted users, and reviews based on feedback from others
    • Add users to your Trust list or Un-Trust list <-- useful when searching for movies rated by users your trust
    • Add or change their credit card info
    • View pending orders that have not been paid for yet under the My Orders tab.
    • Under My Orders there are movie suggestions based on the current ordered movies you have. This is computed based on the 'Users that bought this movie, also bought ...' idea that I have seen sites like Amazon use.

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