gSOAP Success Stories

Flip Camcorder FlipShare
The FlipShare editing software that is bundled with the Flip Camcorder allows you to dock your Flip camera into a USB port, edit videos, and distribute the edited material. Flip and FlipShare decided to use gSOAP for reliable XML processing.

Cisco Unity Connection
Cisco Unity Connection is a feature-rich voice messaging platform based on the same Linux operating system as Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco Unity Connection users can access voice messages using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and view, search, sort, and play messages on a Cisco Unified IP Phone display. Cisco Unity Connection software relies on gSOAP for XML processing.

CNR Software
The CNR client is a desktop client application that interfaces with apt and dpkg on the desktop and with the warehouse web services on the server. It is intended to provide a starting point for the community to build its own variations of client software. The application is written in C++ with the GUI built on the QT framework. API integration is done through the gSOAP framework.

MultiXTpm application server
MultiXTpm is an Application Server, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Transaction Processing (TP) Monitor. It provides the runtime environment and rich API for developing large, scalable distributed applications for OLTP. The MultiXTpm gSoap enhancer adds functionality on top of gSoap and MultiXTpm.

Adobe Systems
Adobe's Version Cue, an innovative file-management feature of the recently unveiled Adobe Creative Suite, uses gSOAP as the foundation of its SOAP services client.

The Centre for Global Environmental Research (CGER) provides several applications such as the Meteorological Data Explorer (METEX), developed by Jiye Zeng. The METEX Web service interface is developed with gSOAP.

AOL 9.0
With AOL 9.0 Optimized, picture sharing via YGP (You've Got Pictures) is integrated throughout the AOL 9.0 product. The YGP team chose gSOAP to provide the foundation for the SOAP services client included in the AOL 9.0 product.

iAnywhere/AvantGo are using gSOAP in our M-Business Anywhere server. M-Business Anywhere provides a platform for delivering Web-based content and applications to a wide variety of mobile devices rapidly and cost-effectively with minimal recoding.

gSOAP is also available as a stable Debian package.

The BEA WebLogic Enterprise Security product line is family of security solutions that provide enhanced application security that includes policy-based delegated administration, authentication with single sign-on, consolidated auditing, and dynamic-role and policy-based authorization with delegation. Part of this product uses the gSOAP library.

Foundstone, Inc.
Foundstone 3.0 Professional, an advanced network security analysis and protection tool, uses gSOAP as part of its data communication framework.

GForge is an Open Source collaborative software development tool, which allows you to organize and manage any number of software development projects. It's perfect for managing large teams of software engineers and/or engineers scattered among multiple locations. GForge's SOAP API is developed with gSOAP.

Oasis Group
The OFACSearch application developed with gSOAP by the Oasis Group is used to he lp companies comply with the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations.

IBM DB2 Content Manager
The IBM DB2 Content Manager Records Enabler uses gSOAP for XML-based communications.

IBM Tivoli Access Manager
IBM released the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business. The Tivoli Access Manager is an award winning, policy-based access control solution for e-business and enterprise applications. The Tivoli Access Manager uses gSOAP.

IBM alphaWorks Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices
The Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices provides tools and run-time environments that allow development of applications that use Web Services on small mobile devices.

Shockfish SA, Event Communication Systems
Spotme is a communication system for business or leisure events. It improves networking, information and communication amongst participants. By means of a purpose built PDA device every participant can quickly make face-to-face contact with the people she or he really wants to meet as well as contact them discreetly throughout the conference. The system can be experienced interactively under The Spotme system is composed of up to 2000 purpose built wireless PDA's for the attendees, wireless base-stations, photo stations and an application server running on a notebook computer. The miniaturized Spotme device was purpose built for the conference navigator application and runs an embedded Linux operating system. It is a thick client containing the data and photos of up to 2000 participants for quick offline viewing. Participants are checked-in using a Windows based Photo Station that communicates via gSOAP with the J2EE-based application and database server (Apache Axis) running on Linux. Delegate's images and check-in information as well as delegate lists are transferred using gSOAP.

Xerox Special Information Systems
Invisible Control Marks (ICM) is a new concept never before seen in the world of high speed printing until now. Barcodes embedded in print jobs are detected and extracted by the printer controller for immediate storage in a database -- only to be read moments later by the invisible ink printing system. The use of gSOAP provided a reliable and speedy RPC interface between C++ on a Sun Solaris printer controller and ASP.NET on the Windows server where the barcode database resides.

The Globus Project is developing fundamental technologies needed to build computational grids. gSOAP is used to integrate C and C++ applications in the Grid architecture based on the OGSA specification with SOAP message security based on GSI (GT3 Core).

Heterogeneous Adaptable Reconfigurable Networked Systems (HARNESS) is an experimental metacomputing system build around the services of a highly customizable and reconfigurable, distributed virtual machine (DVM) that can run on anything from a Supercomputer to a PDA. The Harness project added gSOAP to the Harness kernel (HCore).

e-Science UK Grid ETF
The working group of the UK Grid Engineering Task Force has been formed because of the demand to understand how Web Services can play a practical role in the academic e-Science programme. Web Services are widely used in industry for business-to-business integration and will also underpin the Open Grid Services Architecture. The gSOAP software provides a supporting platform.