Instructions for using the Online Tools

There are two online tools: the gSOAP WSDL parser and the gSOAP compiler. The WSDL parser takes the URL of a WSDL document and generates a C/C++ header specification file for the gSOAP compiler.

The gSOAP WSDL parser

This tool parses WSDL files to create gSOAP header specifications of the service(s). The standardized header file notation describes the Web service in a familiar format. The gSOAP compiler must be used to process the header file and generate code for the stubs and skeletons of the Web service applications.

The gSOAP Stub and Skeleton Compiler for C and C++

The SOAP stub compiler generates C/C++ sources that can be readily used to build SOAP client and server applications. The generated sources consist of stubs and marshalling routines for serialization and deserialization of the specified data structures.

Documentation and Examples