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report_code is defined in /home/robert/projects/Ctadel/report.s:108
report_code --> object
--------------- Properties:
report_code has body(proc([
"Examples of the automatically generated Fortran codes:"
, html_subdocument(_G32870, "Serial", html_fortran(serial_code))
, html_subdocument(_G32883, "Data Parallel", html_fortran(datapar_code))
, html_subdocument(_G32898, "HPF", html_hpf(serial_code))
, html_itemize(report_bullet, [ html_ref(_G32870,
, html_ref(_G32883,
"Data Parallel")
, html_ref(_G32898,
"HPF") ])
"NOTE: These codes are intended for illustrative purposes. The fully optimized codes are not made publicly available."
, html_p
, disclaimer(_G32985)
, "We provide no warranty, please see the"
, html_ref(_G32985, "disclaimer")
, "for more details." ]))
--------------- Methods inherited from class object:
report_code can restore(_G33071)
save(_G33071, _G33072)
get_properties(_G33071, _G33072)
get_superobjects(_G33071, _G33072)
get_subobjects(_G33071, _G33072)
get_parents(_G33071, _G33072)
get_children(_G33071, _G33072)
get_instances(_G33071, _G33072)
create(_G33071, _G33072)
get_dependencies(_G33071, _G33072)