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disclaimer(_G1018) is defined in /home/robert/projects/Ctadel/disclaim.s:5
disclaimer(_G1018) --> object
------------------------- Properties:
disclaimer({_G60861}) has body(html_subdocument({_G60861}, "Disclaimer", html_description(
[ "The HIRLAM system" = [
"The HIRLAM consortium owns all legal rights of the HIRLAM system. For details, see"
, html_ref("http://www.knmi.nl/hirlam", "HIRLAM.")
, "Especially, note:"
, html_itemize([
"Access to the HIRLAM system for research purposes may be granted on signature of an agreement setting out conditions for use. The form may be obtained on application to the Project Leader (plynch@irmet.ie)."
"Unless otherwise agreed by the HIRLAM council, no part of the HIRLAM system may be used for any other purpose than research, including weather forecasting."
"The usual limitations on e.g. distribution of parts of HIRLAM to third parties apply." ]) ]
, "HIRLAM and Ctadel" =
"The HIRLAM specifications and codes that you find on the pages on Ctadel are merely to demonstrate Ctadel. They must not be used for any other purpose. No liability whatsoever is accepted for damages resulting from their use. You are warned that the shown specifications are valid for an earlier version of HIRLAM, and hence do not describe the current system. The original, manual HIRLAM Fortran code of that earlier version achieves better performance than the shown codes (but worse than the optimised codes that Ctadel can produce)." ])))
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