Object Info

left-associative infix operator with has precedence 976

_G670 with _G671 is defined in /home/robert/projects/Ctadel/ctadel.pl:709
_G670 with _G671 --> associative_op --> operator --> object
------------------------------------ Properties:
{_G144244} with [] has body({_G144244})
{_G144244} with [{_G144249} | _G144247] has body(interpret(normalize({_G144244}, [ {_G144249}
| _G144247 ])))
{_G144244} with {_G144246} has body(interpret(normalize({_G144244}, {_G144246})))
------------------------------------ Methods:
_G670 with _G671 can get_latex(_G144365, [
"\begin{array}[t]{@{}l@{}}"], [ (_G144388 with _G144389 latex
[ _G144388
, "\\{\bf with}\quad"
, _G144389 ]
) ], ["\end{array}"])
------------------------------------ Methods inherited from class object:
_G670 with _G671 can restore(_G144579)
save(_G144579, _G144580)
get_properties(_G144579, _G144580)
get_superobjects(_G144579, _G144580)
get_subobjects(_G144579, _G144580)
get_parents(_G144579, _G144580)
get_children(_G144579, _G144580)
get_instances(_G144579, _G144580)
create(_G144579, _G144580)
get_dependencies(_G144579, _G144580)