Object Info

left-associative infix operator and has precedence 910

_G459 and _G460 is defined in /home/robert/projects/Ctadel/ctadel.pl:143
_G459 and _G460 --> elemental_op --> operator --> object
total_op --> operator --> object
meet_op --> abelian_op --> associative_op --> operator --> object
commutative_op --> operator --> object
idempotent_op --> operator --> object
range_optimizable_op --> operator --> object
------------------- Properties:
_G459 and _G460 has distributive_op(or)
type(([boolean, boolean] -> boolean))
------------------- Methods:
_G459 and _G460 can range(_G45805, ([_G45811, _G45814] -> _G45811 and _G45814))
------------------- Methods inherited from class elemental_op:
_G459 and _G460 can get_cost(_G46042, 1)
------------------- Methods inherited from class object:
_G459 and _G460 can restore(_G46019)
save(_G46019, _G46020)
get_properties(_G46019, _G46020)
get_superobjects(_G46019, _G46020)
get_subobjects(_G46019, _G46020)
get_parents(_G46019, _G46020)
get_children(_G46019, _G46020)
get_instances(_G46019, _G46020)
create(_G46019, _G46020)
get_dependencies(_G46019, _G46020)