COP4020: Programming Languages

Course Contents - Fall 1999

Below are references to the lecture notes for each chapter. Note that the course contents are not offered in the order listed and some chapters will be briefly touched upon or entirely skipped. See the schedule for more details.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Preliminaries
Chapter 2: Evolution of the Major Programming Languages
Chapter 3: Describing Syntax and Semantics
Chapter 4: Names, Bindings, Type Checking, and Scopes
Chapter 5: Data Types
Chapter 6: Expressions and the Assignment Statement
Chapter 7: Statement-Level Control Structures
Chapter 8: Subprograms
Chapter 9: Implementing Subprograms
Chapter 10: Abstract Data Types
Chapter 11: Support for Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 12: Concurrency
Chapter 13: Exception Handling
Chapter 14: Functional Programming Languages
Chapter 15: Logic Programming Languages

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