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: SIRP based email System : Push vs. Pull: Implications : Implications on Unwanted Traffic

Applications of the Receiver-Pull Model

Figure 2: An email delivery architecture with receiver-pull model.

In order to illustrate the feasibility and advantages of the sender-intent-based-receiver-pull (SIRP) model in supporting asynchronous applications, in this section we outline the design of three important applications using the model: emails, mobile text messages, and asynchronous voice messages. We present the design of the SIRP based email system in greater detail and briefly sketch the design for the other two applications using a framework similar to the email design. We emphasize that these designs only illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of supporting message services using the SIRP model, in reducing unwanted traffic. Many design details are left for future investigations (see [3,4] for supporting the Internet email application using the SIRP model).