CIS-6935-1: Security Seminar (Spring 2005)

Mike Burmester (
Breno de Medeiros (
Class time/location
FRI 2:00 - 3:00pm, 151 James Love Bldg (LOV)


The seminar is informal and everybody can participate, ask questions, suggest topics to be discussed etc. 
If you want to, this could count as a 1hr pass/fail credit course.  Otherwise just come for the discussion. 
Each meeting will have a central theme on some timely security issue,  and at least one person will steer the discussions.  However there is no fixed itinerary, although we will always have a backup plan in case we all run out of ideas.

Want to submit a topic for future discussion?
E-mail one of the chairs: {burmeste,breno} + `at` symbol + <cs domain name>

Coming Topic

Previous talks

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