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Unified Process

Requirements Elicitations


Association for Software Quality Practice Quizzes

A Tutorial Case Study on OO Analysis and Design (ATM Simulation)

Tutorials on the use of CRC Cards

Use Case Diagrams & Descriptions

Class Diagrams

At the analysis level in information systems (but not real-time systems), the class diagram classes and entity relationship entities are the same. At design time they diverge.

Sequence Diagrams

A sequence diagram is used for each use case. It shows how the object interact with each other.

Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD)

Design Document Examples

These things tend to disappear from the web quickly. If the above links have gone bad, you can try finding other examples using Google search with key phrase "Software Design Specification". Use the quotes, so that the match is on the entire phrase.


Ethics Links

UML References

Software Engineering Links

Requirements Engineering


There is a nice series of cartoons about the Scrum development method, at http://www.implementingscrum.com/section/blog/cartoons/.

Most of Scott Adams' cartoons are based on real-life stories, and many of them come from software engineers. In fact, it seems that Dilbert is a software engineering. The strips are educational, about the pitfalls of this field. Just don't take them too seriously.

There are several variants of the software engineering swing cartoon.

Hans Bjordahl's Bug Bash

Drake Emko & Jen Brodik's Hackles

Some others

The Cranky Product Manager

Jorge Cham's PhD Comics include some about software development

Oliver Widder's Tech Comics includes several about software engineering. Here are a few examples.


Tom Van Vleck's Software Engineering Stories are mostly serious, but contain some cartoons

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