Ted Baker



Ph.D. Dissertation Students

  1. Marion Harmon -- Ph.D. 1991
    "Predicting Execution Time on Contemporary Computer Architectures"
    Professor and former Chair, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Florida A & M University
  2. Edward Giering -- Ph.D. 1991
    "Compile Time Processing of Ada Task Constructs for Real-Time Programming"
    IBM Rational Software
  3. Dong-Ik Oh -- Ph.D. May 1997
    "Optimization of Ada'95 Tasking Constructs"
    Professor and Chair, Department of Medical IT Engineering, College of Medical Science, Soonchunhyang University, Republic of Korea
  4. Seung-Jin Moon -- Ph.D. June 1997
    "Synchronization and Scheduling Issues for Real-Time Nested Transactions"
    Professor and Dean, College of Information Technology, University of Suwon, Republic of Korea
  5. Mark Stanovich - Ph.D. April 2015
    "Plugging I/O Resource Leaks in General Purpose Real-Time Systems"

POSIX/Ada Real-Time Project Research Assistants

  1. Pratit Santiprabhob
    Ph.D. student at FSU (RA on POSIX-Ada Real-Time (PART) Project)
    Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Assumption University, Thailand
  2. Frank Mueller
    Ph.D. student at FSU (RA on PART Project) Associate Professor, North Carolina State University, USA

Master's Thesis Students

  1. David Dunkle, An implementation of overloading in the Ada programming language - 1981
  2. Thomas Leonard, An extended attribute processor for bottom-up parsing - 1983
    CEO, Red Rocket Solutions
  3. Jurgen Sladeczek, An experimental comparison of string matching algorithms - 1984
  4. Douglas Koch, Verification of cyclic schedules in hard real-time systems - 1987
  5. Allen Lee Haslup, Reimplementation of a commercial fourth generation software development system - 1989
  6. Rajiv Maheshwari, Analysis of Priority Queue Algorithms - 1990
  7. Teguh Ghazalie, Improving Response Times of Aperiodic Tasks with Deadline Scheduling - 1991
  8. Viresh Rustagi, Implementation and Evaluation of a POSIX Threads Kernel on a Bare Machine - 1993
  9. Mike Ranney, A Model for the Next Generation of Business Automation Environments - Fall 2000
  10. Ahmed Moussa, using MIDI aftertouch for quarter-tones - Spring 2001
  11. Weijuan Shi, RT Linux Sporadic Server - Summer 2001
    Program Manager, Embedded Windows Strike Team, Microsoft Corporation
  12. Mark Stanovich, Throttling on-Disk Schedulers to Meet Real-Time Requirements - Spring 2008
    continuing work toward Ph.D. degree at FSU

Masters Project Students

  1. Marion Harmon, A program library management system - 1983
  2. James Lamm, An experimental evaluation of the Halstead length equation - 1984
  3. Roger Peeples, Runtime storage management for Ads - 1987
  4. Fu-Chu Liu , improved schedule verifier - 1988
  5. Yi Chun Wu, The Ada WEB system of structured documentation - 1988
  6. Kuo-Gee Hsieh, A distributed cyclic executive - 1988
  7. Cheng-Chang Chang, Experimental evaluation of scheduling heuristics - 1988
  8. Ming-Hui Ko, An `expert' real-time schedule builder - 1988
  9. Dong-Ik Oh, A table driven retargetable disassember generator - 1989
  10. Wan-Tai Yu, Implementation of TARTE - 1989 the Sun UNIX System
  11. Yi-Gong Weng, Evaluation of Heuristic Nonpreemptive Scheduling - 1990
  12. Swai-Chun Li, An MC68020 code generator - 1990
  13. Daryl Plummer, Rogue & Rogue Solo - 1990
    Gartner Group Vice President, Gartner Fellow
  14. John K. Harris, Efficient Generation of XLR parsers - 1991
  15. James Hudgens, An 8086 and DOS emulator - 1991
  16. Ganesh Rangarajan, A Library Implementation of POSIX Threads - 1991
  17. Deepak Gupta, Realtime Signals Extension to POSIX - 1991
  18. Hsiao-Yu Sun, An Experimental Evaluation of the Priority Ceiling Protocol and the Stack Resource Policy - 1991
  19. R. Ramesh, Implementing POSIX Process Memory Locking - 1991
  20. Hong-Hee Ko, A Real-Time Pinball Playing Robot - 1991
  21. Seung-Jin Moon, Evaluation of a Modified Earliest Deadline First Algorithm that Considers Task Criticalities - 1991
  22. Chi-Sing Chen, An Implementation of RTK on a Multiprocessor Machine - 1992
  23. Jeeyoung Kim, YAPP -- Yacc/Bison Attribute Pre-Processor - 1993
  24. Ashwin Goyal, Serial I/O and Interrupt Support for a POSIX Threads Kernel - 1994
    V.P., Financial Services Industry Strategy & Marketing, Oracle Corporation, previously V.P. and General Manager of Retail Banking, Siebel Systems
  25. Bin-Peng Shuai, A graphical user interface for the Gnu debugger - 1995
  26. Wan-Hua Lin, Implementation of a POSIX Ada binding - 1996
  27. Yigang Li, Implementation of POSIX Ada realtime extensions - 1996
  28. Jinpeng Xie, Updating the FSU threads Library - Summer 1998
  29. Huilong Wu, Quality Assurance for the POSIX 1003.5b Test Suite Project - Summer 1998
  30. Hongfeng Shen, A Linux Kernel Module Implementation of Restricted Ada Tasking - Fall 1998
  31. Keith Lee, M.S., Computer Science, FSU - Fall 1998 co/Kuncicky
  32. Chris Barnash, - Fall 1998 (co/Kuncicky)
    Director, Distribtued Engineering, CheckFree
  33. Fuying Wen, Linuxthreads POSIX Upgrade - Fall 1999.
  34. Harshul Jagirdar, software testing - Fall 1999
  35. Tilak Madan, CS Admissions Database System - Fall 2001
  36. Nikhil Mhatre, RT Priority Queue Performance Analysis - Fall 2001
  37. Santosh Hari, Graduate Admissions Database System - Summer 2002
  38. De-Yu Liu, Real-Time Network Device Driver - Summer 2004

Other student collaborators

  1. Ken Spaulding, M.S. student at FSU (supervised as RA on AFATL Ada compiler project)
    Ken went on to a career in software development for the U.S. Navy. His daughter Stacy Spaulding is an assistant professor of journalism at Towson College.
  2. Kevin Jeffay, Ph.D. student at FSU (supervised as RA on Ada runtime environment project at Boeing)
  3. Laurent Millet, graduate student at ENST, Paris, France (supervised as RA on JVM port of GNARL)
  4. Michele Cirinei, Ph.D. student at Scuolo Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy (supervised as visiting scholar at FSU 2006-2007, served as external member of committee)
  5. Nathan Fisher, Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina (collaborated on several papers)