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Real Time Systems Fall 2008

The course calendar summarizes the important dates for the term, including assignment due dates. It starts out as a plan, and is updated to provide more detail and better fit reality as the term progresses.

In addition to the class meetings shown below, students will be required to schedule individual and group meetings with the instructor to demonstrate and report on some assignments.

Week 01
Mon 25 Aug Introduction (notes)    
Wed 27 Aug Periodic tasks and static schedules
homework assignment #1 explained (notes)
Ch 1-3, 5  
Fri 29 Aug Periodic tasks and static schedules
present solutions to homework (notes)
Ch 5 homework #1 due
Week 02
Mon 01 Sep Labor Day   no classes
Wed 03 Sep NP-hardness proof for static scheduling
homework assignment #2 explained (notes)
Ch 6  
Fri 05 Sep Fixed-job-priority preemptive scheduling of periodic task systems: critical zones, response-time analysis (notes) Ch 6  
Week 03
Mon 08 Sep Present solutions to homework (notes) Ch 6 homework #2 due
Wed 10 Sep Introduce first programming assignment, visit lab, check system configurations. (notes) Ch 6  
Fri 12 Sep Explain code provided for gizmo assignment. (notes) Ch 6  
Week 04
Mon 15 Sep Reports on Stage 1 of gizmo assignment, discussion of Stage 2 issues Ch 6 Stage 1 of gizmo assignment
Wed 17 Sep Proof of critical zone theorem (notes) Ch 6  
Fri 19 Sep Reports on Stage 2 of gizmo assignment, discussion of Stage 3 issues Ch 6 Stage 2 of gizmo assignment
Week 05
Mon 22 Sep Proof of utilization bound for rate-monotonic scheduling (part I) (notes)   Stage 3 of gizmo assignment (a target we missed)
Wed 24 Sep Review (notes)    
Fri 26 Sep Midterm Exam   Exam
Week 06
Mon 29 Sep Review results of midterm examination Ch 6
Wed 01 Oct Measuring time by benchmarks Ch 6  
Fri 03 Oct Measuring time by benchmarks
Demonstrations of gizmo controllers
Ch 6 First programming assignment due (finally)
Week 07
Mon 06 Oct Measuring time by benchmarks
Explain second programming assignment
Ch 6  
Wed 08 Oct Rate Monotonic utilization bound proof Ch 6  
Fri 09 Oct Rate Monotonic utilization bound proof Ch 6  
Week 08
Mon 13 Oct EDF utilization bound proof Ch 7  
Wed 15 Oct Estimating load via a benchmark program, an example in Ada Ch 7  
Fri 17 Oct Introduction to third programming assignment, and review of POSIX threads API Ch 7 Second programming assignment due
Week 09
Mon 20 Oct Aperiodic server scheduling Ch 7  
Wed 22 Oct Aperiodic server scheduling Ch 7  
Fri 24 Oct Baker at CS AP exam colloquium Ch 7 no class
Week 10
Mon 27 Oct Aperiodic server scheduling Ch 1-7,
class notes
Wed 29 Oct Sporadic Server example (Exercise 7.1 a from text) and review of topics for midterm exam Ch 7  
Fri 31 Oct Midterm Exam   Exam
Week 11
Mon 03 Nov Dealing with priority inversion due to critical sections    
Wed 05 Nov Overview of queuing theory    
Fri 07 Nov Review results of midterm exam   Third programming assignment due (really!)
The lecture topics and assignments below this point have not yet been updated for Fall 2008. The topics are likely to be different this term.
Week 12
Mon 10 Nov Aperiodic Scheduling    
Wed 12 Nov Aperiodic Scheduling    
Fri 15 Nov Aperiodic Scheduling    
Week 13
Mon 17 Nov Aperiodic Scheduling    
Wed 19 Nov      
Fri 21 Nov      
Week 14
Mon 24 Nov Queueing Theory    
Wed 26 Nov Multiprocessor Scheduling    
Fri 28 Nov Thanksgiving   no classes
Week 15
Mon 01 Dec      
Wed 03 Dec      
Fri 05 Dec      
Week 16 - Final Exam Week
Wed 10 Dec Final Exam, 12:30PM-2:30PM &nbps; Final Exam

Only the textbook readings are shown. In addition to these, you will need to read other materials. Pointers to those will be provided in the daily class notes. In addition, you are encouraged to use the Web to look up additional references.

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