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COP 4020 Calendar

Spring Term 2009

The course calendar summarizes the important dates for the term, including examination and assignment due dates for all students in the course. It will be updated, as necessary, throughout the term.

Please see the Notes for links to class notes, and Assignments for links to assignments.

Examinations dates are firm. Other details of this calendar -- i.e., the topics that are discussed at the class meetings, and the programming assignments -- will be revised as the term progresses. Programming assignments and electronic turn-ins of term papers are due at midnight on the day shown. Exercises and hard-copy turn-ins of homework and term papers are due at the start of class on the date shown.

Aspects of this plan that are likely to change include:

  1. Depending on how many students in the course have not taken one of the CS courses that tests oral presentation skills, we may be able to eliminate some or all of the recitation meetings and oral presentations.
  2. The times as which we cover various topics. As the term progresses, we may be able to speed up at some places, and may need to slow down in others. I have allowed one week of slack, for such adjustments.
Week 1
Tue 06 Jan Class organization, introduction to Programming languages and Hmwk #1 Chapter 1  
Thu 08 Jan Functional programming and Scheme  
Week 2 -
Mon 12 Jan Demonstration of Scheme & Emacs   Hmwk #1 (language example recognition)
Tue 13 Jan Scheme, introduction to Hmwk #2 and Prog #1 11.1-11.2, 11.5 and notes  
Thu 15 Jan Scheme  
Fri 16 Jan     Hmwk #2 (Exercises on Scheme, due electronically, by midnight)
Week 3
Mon 19 Jan M.L. King Day   no class
Tue 20 Jan Compilation, assembly, interpretation, and linking    
Thu 22 Jan Syntactic and lexical specification, parsing, intro. to Hmwk #3   Prog. #1 (scheme functions)
Week 4
Mon 26 Jan Review and drill on regular expressions and CF grammars    
Tue 27 Jan Parsing: Recursive Descent and LL(1) notes  
Thu 29 Jan Semantic processing, attributed grammars, intro. to Hmwk #4 4.1-4.3, 4.7 Hmwk #3 (regular expressions, BNF grammars, LL(1) parsing)
Week 5
Mon 02 Feb Review and drill on attributed grammars    
Tue 03 Feb Ada notes  
Thu 05 Feb Intro. to Prolog lexical units & Prog #2 notes Hmwk #4 (attributed grammar exercises)
Week 6
Mon 9 Feb Ada tutorial & examples    
Tue 10 Feb Introduction to logic programming and Prolog notes  
Thu 12 Feb Continuation of Prolog    
Week 7
Mon 16 Feb student presentations    
Tue 17 Feb Prolog, introduction to Hmwk #5 and Program #3   Prog #2 (lexical analyzer, in Ada)
Thu 19 Feb Review for midterm exam    
Week 8
Mon 23 Feb student presentations    
Tue 24 Feb Midterm examination (all material to this point)   Exam
Thu 26 Feb Exceptions 8.5, notes Hmwk #5 (Prolog exercises)
Week 9
Mon 02 Mar student presentations    
Tue 03 Mar Review of examination results    
Thu 05 Mar Introduction to Prog. #4 and the Ada language features that it uses.   Prog. #3 (Prolog parser, in Ada)
Mon 09 Mar Spring Break   no class
Tue 10 Mar Spring Break   no class
Thu 12 Mar Spring Break   no class
Week 11
Mon 16 Mar student presentations    
Tue 17 Mar Axiomatic semantics, precondition-postcondition proofs Baker notes and U. of Iowa notes  
Thu 19 Mar Prog #4 (Symbol table and AST builder for Prolog, in Ada)
Week 12
Mon 23 Mar student presentations    
Tue 24 Mar Names, scopes, bindings    
Thu 26 Mar Introduce Hmk #6 and Prog. #5, do walk-through of Sketchy Prolog Interpreter    
Week 13
Mon 30 Mar Help session: proofs using precondition/postcondition logic, Prolog interpreter    
Tue 31 Mar Names, scopes, bindings   Hmk #6 (axiomatics)
Thu 02 Apr Parameters    
Week 14
Mon 06 Apr no class   no class
Tue 07 Apr Contour diagrams    
Thu 09 Apr Parameter passing modes   Prog #5 (Mini-Prolog Interpreter, in Ada)
Week 15
Mon 13 Apr no class   no class
Tue 14 Apr Indexing structures: arrays, switch statements, and virtual method tables   Hmk #7 (Scopes, parameters, control structures datatypes)
Thu 16 Apr Data types    
Week 16
Mon 20 Apr no class   no class
Tue 21 Apr Review for final exam    
Thu 23 Apr SUSSAI forms, continue review   Paper
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Week 17 - Final Exam Week
Thu 30 Apr 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM 301 Love Final Exam

* You are required to turn in the report twice, using both and SafeAssign services, as part of a pilot study to help FSU determine which of these services it will use in the future. The software will enforce the deadline strictly.

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