Ted Baker

Research Interests


My current research activities are both mainly centered around multiprocessor (including multicore) systems, the analysis of real-time scheduling, and the programming of device drivers.

I haved worked for the past few years with Andy Wang, Kartik Gopalan, Mark Lewandowski, and Mark Stanovich on a project funded by the National Science Foundation, on "Next-Generation Real-Time Device Driver Architecture: Integrating Schedulability Theory with Driver Implementation Practices". The goal of this project is to improve our ability to analyze and manage the effects of device drivers on the real-time behavior of computer systems. This analysis includes trade-offs between the effects of the device drivers as conumers of processor time and as providers of I/O services.

I have also been working on the analysis of various multiprocessor scheduling algorithms, including fixed-task-priority, EDF, and EDZL algorithms. This work includes collaborations with Nathan Fisher, Sanjoy Baruah, Michele Cirinei, and Marko Bertogna.

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