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Linux Kernel Patches
Ted Baker Andy Wang

Linux Patches

This directory contains Linux kernel patches developed on National Science Foundation grant CNS-EHS-0509131, primarily the work of Mark Stanovich.

Sporadic Server Device Driver Scheduling

Our work is based on Dario Faggioli's patch for the Sporadic Server implementation that was posted by on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. The announcement can be found here. This original patch applies to the 2.6.27 version of the Linux kernel.

We developed a port of this patch to kernel version 2.6.28, which is spradic_server_2.6.28.diff.

We then developed fixes and enhancements, which are available in sporadic_server_final.diff. A pre-requisite for this patch set is the LTTng patches.

To allow device driver code to be scheduled using sporadic server, we also applied the threaded irqs code patch.

For instrumentation we used the Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation. The patch for Linux kernel version 2.6.28 can be found here.

Disk Throttling/Real-Time Queuing

This work provides an I/O scheduler that allows requests to be throttled in order to meet I/O request deadlines. In addition, this work provides an interface that allows a process to specify the deadline of I/O requests. Patches are applied to Linux kernel version The disk throttling and real-time queuing patches are in rtq.diff.