FSU CIS 6935 (Spring 2005)
LENS Seminar Series

Seminar: Friday, 3:30pm - 4:50pm, LOV 103
Instructor: Andy Wang (awang@cs.fsu.edu)


[Jan 6] Welcome to CIS 6935!

Course Description

This seminar series will focus on the latest developments in computer networks and distributed systems. For each week, one faculty member or student will discuss their on-going research or present papers from premier venues, including but not limited to HotNets, HotOS, NSDI, OSDI, Sigcomm, SOSP, Infocomm, and ICNP. Potential topics (based on the most recent HotNets and HotOS proceedings) include:

Students can receive one credit for participating in the seminar presentations. However, the seminar is open for all, including undergraduates. This is an excellent opportunity for students looking for potential thesis or project topics. This is also a useful forum to practice presentation skills and get valuable feedback.

Course Materials

Lecture 1 (1/21/2005)

Tracing Byzantine Faults in Ad hoc networks
Presenter: Le Van Tri

Lecture 2 (1/28/2005)

Supporting Spectators in Online Multiplayer Games (Bharambe et al. 2004)
Presenter: Mark Lewandowski

Lecture 3 (2/4/2005)

Energy Efficienty and Storage Flexibility in the Blue File System (Nightingale and Flinn 2004)
Presenter: Charles Weddle

Lecture 4 (2/11/2005)

Rethinking the Service Model: Scaling Ethernet to a Million Nodes (Myers et al. 2004)
Presenter: Kartik Gopalan

Lecture 5 (2/25/2005)

ECOSystem: Managing Energy as a First Class Operating System Resource (Zeng et al. 2002)
Presenter: Sean Toh

Lecture 6 (3/4/2005)

Some Foundational Problems in Interdomain Routing (Feamster et al. 2004)
Presenter: Zhenhai Duan

Lecture 7 (3/18/2005)

Using Permuted States to Analyze Conflict Rates in Optimistic Peer-to-Peer Replication
Presenter: Andy Wang

Lecture 8 (3/25/2005)

Operating System Support for Planetary-Scale Network Services (Bavier et al. 2004)
Presenter: Micah Villmow

Lecture 9 (4/1/2005)

The Case for Separating Routing from Routers (Feamster et al. 2004)
Presenter: Michael Hines

Lecture 10 (4/8/2005)

Full TCP/IP for 8-Bit Architectures (Dunkels 2003)
Presenter: Amit Khandelwal

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