FSU CIS 6935 (Spring 2004)
Operating Systems Reading Group

Seminar: Monday, 5:15pm - 6:30pm, LOV 103
Instructor: Andy Wang (awang@cs.fsu.edu)


[Jan 12] Welcome to CIS 6935!

[Jan 12] If you are interested, please sign up for COP 5611 (advanced operating systems)

Course Description

The field of operating systems has been a fertile ground for the experimentation and validation of innovative design principles. Peer-to-peer paradigms, ubiquitous computing, and self-administering systems are some active areas in which research results will have far-reaching implications in our daily lives. This reading group is intended to serve as an informal and flexible forum to discuss recent OS advances (from SOSP, OSDI, and so on). For those who are interested in or thinking about doing OS research, this reading group will also provide exposure to a broad range of OS topics.


This seminar is open to graduate students as well as undergraduate students. Active participants (presenters) of this course will receive one credit.

Class Participation

Students will take turns presenting papers with matching interests. Topics will include, but are not limited to the following:

Here is a preliminary list of papers.

Course Materials

Lecture 1

Storage Bricks Have Arrived, by Jim Gray

Lecture 2

The Google File System (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 3

Preserving Peer Replicas by Rate-Limited Sampled Voting (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 4

FARSITE: Federated, Available, and Reliable Storage for an Incompletely Trusted Environment
(PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 5

Pastiche: Making Backup Cheap and Easy (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 6

Samsara: Honor Among Thieves in Peer-to-Peer Storage (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 7

Xen and the Art of Virtualization (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 8

Implementing an Untrusted Operating System on Trusted Hardware (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 9

Improving the Reliability of Commodity Operating Systems (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 10

Pond: The OceanStore Prototype (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 11

Capriccio: Scalable Threads for Internet Service (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 12

Backtracking Intrusions (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 13

Bullet: High Bandwidth Data Dissemination Using an Overlay Mesh (PowerPoint XP)

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